1997 - 2002
The Norwegian Academy of Music (Norges Musikkhøgskole). 4 years undergraduate course in Musical Performance (singing).

2002- 2005
National Academy of Operatic Art (KHIO, Statens operahøgskole) in Oslo. 3 years postgraduate course in Operatic Art.





Antonio in  Le Nozze di Figaro by Mozart at The norwegian National opera in August. Conductor: Daniel Cohen , Director: Taddeus Straussberger. 

Kaspar in  Der Freischütz by Carl Maria von Weber at OperaClassicaEurope's production in Espenschied in June. Conductor: Sybille Wagner , Director: Michael Vaccaro. 

Notar in 9 stage performanes of Der Rosenkavalier by R. S trauss at The norwegian National Opera. Conductor:  Joana Malwitz , Director: Sir David McVikar. 

Bosun in 8 stage performanes of Billy Budd by Benjamin Britten at The norwegian National Opera in  January/february. Conductor:  Mark Wigglesworth , Director: Annilese Miskimmon. 


Amantio di Nicolao in 11 stage performanes of  Gianni Schicchi by Puccini at The norwegian National Opera in  October. Conductor:  Jac Van Steen, Director: Isabella Bywater. 

Gasparo in a performance of "Rita" by Donizetti at Asker Kammermusikkfestival. Director: Kristen Grødum, Conductor: Bjarne Sakshaug.


Colline in 3 stage performanes of La Boheme by Puccini in Bergen in November. Conductor:  Alexey Cherkasov, Director: Helge Jordal. 


Ragnar in 8 stage performances of the Opera "Sildagapet"  by Helge Sunde at Opera Nordfjord in October.  Conductor Michael Pavelich, Director: Ronald Rørvik. 


Gasparo in 2 stage performances of "Rita" by Donizetti at Asker Kammermusikkfestival and Lørdagsopera - Opera til folket. Director: Kristen Grødum, Conductor: Andrea Secchi.

Antonio in 6 stage performances of "Le nozze di Figaro" by Mozart at DnO&B. Director: Taddeus Straussberger, Conductor: Rinaldo Alessandrini.


Figaro in "Le nozze di Figaro" by Mozart. 4 stage performances at Fossesholm Herregård and Drammens teater. Drammen operakor. Director: Einar Bjørge, Conductor: Steffen Kammler.


Tevje in 6 stage performances of "Fiddler on the roof" at Drammens Teater. Director: Adam Levine, Conductor: Petter Anton Næss



Antonio in 9 stage performances of «Le nozze di Figaro» at DnO&B. Conductor: Jonathan Darlington, Director: Taddeus Strassberger.


Schmied in 13 stage performances of «Robin Hood», an opera by Frank Schwemmer at DnO&B. Conductor: Peter Szilvay, Director: Andreas Homoki.



Sarastro in 15 stage performances of «Die Zauberflöte» in September at Kilden Teater- og konserthus in Kristiansand. Conductor: Rolf Gupta and Kristiansand symfonic orchestra. Director: Bjørn Sæter
Notler and Ringeren in «Den 4de nattevakten» at DnO&B. Conductor: Rolf Gupta, Director: Ivar Tindberg.

Ambrogio in “Il barbiere di Sevilla” at DnO&B. Conductor: Stefano Rabagllia , Director: Francois de Carpentries
Zuniga in “Carmen” in Sandefjord. Cond.: Dag Nilssen, Dir.: Einar Bjørge
2. Geharnischte in “Die Zauberflöte”  at DnO&B.
Director: Paul Curran; Conductor: John Helmer Fiore
Studied the part Per in “Askeladden” by Marcus Paus at The norwegian national Opera. Dir.:Ellen Trømborg, Cond.: P.K. Skaldstad. But the preformances was cancelled.

Captain in «Eugene Onegin» at DnO&B. Cond.: J.H. Fiore, Dir.: Jacub Korcak
Antonio in «Le nozze de Figaro» at DnO&B. Cond.: J. Darlington, Dir.:Taddeus Strassberger
Jailer  in «Tosca» at DnO&B. Director: Paul Curran, Cond.: J. H. Fiore

Colline in “La Boheme” by Puccini at Korskirken in Bergen in  February. Conductor. Espen Selvik; Director: Helge Jordal.

Black Bob in in 6 performances  of “Let’s make an opera” by Britten at DnO&B. Conductor: Steffen Kammler; Director: Hilde Andersen.
Colline in “La Boheme” by Puccini in Korskirken in Bergen the 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th og 18th of February. Conductor. Espen Selvik; Director: Helge Jordal.

Monterone in “Rigoletto” by Verdi at the Norwegian National Operahouse. Conductor: Patrick Fournilliér; Director: Hilde Andersen.
2. Geharnischte in “Die Zauberflöte”  at the Norwegian National Operahouse. Director: Wilhelm Sandven; Conductor: Olaf Henzold.
Sprecher, 2. Priester and  2. Geharnische in “Die Zauberflöte” by Mozart in Sandefjord the 10th, 11th and 12th of March. Conductor: Dag Nilsen; Director:  Arild Helleland.

Sergeant in Manon Lescaut at the Norwegian National Operahouse. Director: Daniel Slater; Conductor: Olaf Henzold

Nettuno in a concert-version of “Il ritorno d’Ulisse in Patria” by Monteverdi in the university aula in Oslo. This was part of the “Oslo chambermusic festival” in August. Conductor and cembalo: Alan Curtis.
Falstaff in  “Die lustigen weiber von  Windsor” by Otto Nocolai. This was my exam at the National Academy of Operatic Art. Conductor: Terje Boye Hansen, Director: Vegard Vinge.
Nachtwächter in a concert-version of "Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg" by R. Wagner in Oslo Concerthall the 19th of  March. Conductor: Olaf Henzold. The Orchestra and Choir of The Norwegian National Opera.

Zuniga in  "Carmen" at The Norwegian National Operahouse on tour to Sandnes. Conductor: Ole Kristian Ruud. Director: Ronald Rørvik.
Opera Festival singer at the Kristiansund Operahouse in 2004 with the following engagements:
Superintendant Budd in "Albert Herring" by Benjamin Britten
Rouchefort in "Anna Bolena" by G. Donizetti.
Director: Ronald Rørvik and Heidi Sørensen.
Conductor: K. Seim and Bjørn Sagstad
Soloist at the "Operagalla" concert.

Sprecher and  2. Geharnische in "Die Zauberflöte" by Mozart at the Oslofjord Operafestival played at "Oscarsborg Fortress" in Drøbak. Conductor: Terje Boye
Hansen; Director:  Stein Winge.

I have taken part in the following oratorias/sacred music or concerts:

Bass soloist in  Messias by Händel in Ørstad church the 30. 11 and in Gursken the 1.12.  Conductor: Kjetil Grøtting and Ørstadkoret.
Bass soloist in Bachs’s Weinachts-oratorium in Frogner church the 15th and the 16th of descember. Conductor: Steffen Kammler and Ceciliaforeningen.
Bass soloist in Brahms requiem - Bach  in Larvik church and in Slagen church in Tønsberg in november.  Conductor: Abram Bezuim and Eiker kammerkor.
Bass soloist in Missa in C by Mozart  in Østenstad church in november.  Conductor: Kristin Hesselberg Meland and Østenstad Sangeri. Asker Symfoniorkester.
Bass soloist in Requiem by Mozart in Hauger church and in Bragernes Church in april. Conductor: Steffen Kammler. Choire: St. Hallvards school-choire and orchestra.
Bass soloist in a performances of  Johannespasjonen - Bach  in Hamar Domchurch at Hamar in march.  Conductor: Trond Våge. Hamar Domkor.
Bass soloist in a performances of Brahms Requiem in Frogner church in Lier in february.  Conductor: Abram Bezuijen. Eiker Kammerkor.
Bass soloist in 2 performances of Händel Messias in Nordheimsund church and in Nain at Voss in December. Conductor: Dagfinn Rohde, Fossegrimen symonic orchestra and Fossegrimen project choire.
Bass soloist in Mozart Mass in C-major (Kroningsmessen) in Østenstad church in November. Conductor: Kristin Hesselberg Meland, Asker symfoniorkester and Østenstad sangeri.
Soloist in Brahms Requiem at Vestfossen Church in November. Conductor: Abram Bezuijen. Eiker Kammerkor.
Bass soloist in 2 performances of Mozart Requiem at Asker and Uranienborg church in October. KORK - Kringkastingsorkesteret led by Fredrik Otterstad. Choire: Sølvguttene. 
Bass soloist in Mozart Requiem at Elverum church in November. Conductor: Ole Andreas Fevang. Choire: Cantante Domino. Oslo Barokkorkester with Knut Johannessen at the Cembalo.
Bass soloist in Beethovens 9th symfony at Bragernes church and in "Kongsberg Musikkteater" in October. Conductor: Thomas Rimul. Choire: Oslo Philharmonic choire. Drammen symphonic orchestra.
Bass soloist in "Stabat Mater" by Dorak in Frogner church the 1th of november. Conductor: Steffen Kammler. Choire: Cæciliaforeningen. Oslo Philarmonic orchestra.
Bass soloist in "Petite messe solennelle" by Rossini in Asker church the 9th of november. Conductor: Birger Egge-Hoveid and Asker chamberchoir.


Concert in Sandnes Kulturhus the 19th of January. Repertoire from the operas Die Entführung aus dem Seraille, Figaro and Zauberflöte by Mozart. Soprano: Thale Bergsaune, Piano: Patrik Johansson


Concert in Tonsen church the 12. of January singing romanses of Grieg, Brahms and Vaughan Williams. Piano: Yngve Sporild Breievne



Partisipant in the 17th "Grieg in Bergen" festival the 21, 22 and 24th of July. Romanses by Grieg, Brahms and Vaughan Williams. Piano: Kristin Lunde.


Bass soloist in Händel’s Messiah at Asker church. Conductor: Ingvild Køhn Malmbekk


Bass soloist in "die Schöpfung" by Haydn  in Tonsenhagen and Nordberg church the 20th and 21th of april. Conductors: Ole Johannes Kosberg and Yngve Sporild Breievne



Bass soloist in Bachs’s Weinachts-oratorium in “Vår frelsers kirke” in Haugesund the 16th of December. Conductor: Goos ten Napel​

Bass soloist in Mozart's Requiem  in Tonsenhagen and Nordberg church the 26th and 27th of march. Conductors: Ole Johannes Kosberg and Yngve Sporild Breievne

Bass soloist  in Mendelssohn's  Paulus mass in Voss  in  December with the orchestra “Fossegrimmen” conducted by Dagfinn Rohde
Bass soloist in Mozart's Requiem with Solistkoret and Tromsø Kammerorkester in conducted by Herbert Böck in Tromsø Domkirke

Bass soloist in Händel’s Messiah the 20th of December with Alversund chamber choir conducted by Odd Leif Mjøs in Myking church in Lindås.
Bass soloist in Mozart's Requiem with “Fossegrimmen” conducted by Dagfinn Rohde the 5th and 6th of December in Dale and Voss.
One of the main soloists in the opening of Fana Kulturhus in Bergen the 31th of October and  1th of November.
Cantate no. 65 and 96 by Bach with «Bergen unge kammerorkester» conducted by Harald Holtet  in Birkeland Church in Bergen the 25th of January

Raphael and Adam in Haydn’s The Creation in Voss the 7th of December with “Fossegrimmen” conducted by Dagfinn Rohde
Raphael and Adam in Haydn’s The Creation  in Birkeland and Fana church the 14th and 15th of June.
Bass soloist in Beethoven’s 9th Symfony conducted by  Espen Selvik and the Kaunas State Choir from Litauen in Korskirken in Bergen the 17th of February.

Bass soloist in Bachs’s Weinachts-oratorium in Kongsberg church the 8th of December. Conductor: Reidar Hauge.
Bass soloist in Mozart's Requiem conducted by  Odd Leif Mjøs and Alverund chamber choir in Myking church outside Bergen in February.

Bass soloist in Bachs’s Weinachts-oratorium in Ringsaker church in December. Conductor: Torgeir Ziener. Gøvik Sinfonietta leaded by Atle Sponberg.
Bass soloist in J. Haydn’s Missa Cellensis in Grue church with “Grue church choir” conducted by Stein Røe and musichians from “KORK”.
Bass soloist in H. Schütz’s Eine Musicalishe Exequiem in Oslo Cahtedral with Oslo Chathedral’s youth choir conducted by Kjetil Grøtting the 1th of April.

Sang the part of Herodes in Historia der freuden und gnadenreichen geburth Gottes und Marien sohnes, Jesu Christi by  Schütz in Notodden in December.

Bass soloist in the Bach kantatas BMW 61 and 62 the 1st sunday of Advent in Sund church at Sotra.
Bass soloist in Händel’s Messiah in Kongsberg church the 4th of December. Conductor: Reidar Hauge.
Bass soloist in Mozart's Requiem conducted by Tom Wiklund in Thorsov church and Ski new church the 6th and 7th of November.

Bass soloist in Mozart's Requiem conducted by Iver Kleive with Oslo Bach choir the 19'th of october in Helgerud church and 20th of October in Oslo Cathedral.
Soloist at The Norwegian National Opera's summer concert with "new talents" at Akershus Castle on the 14th of  August, with the Army's Staff Band and conductor Terje Boye Hansen. Sang all of Osmin's  arias and the duet with Belmonte  from Die Entfürung aus dem Serail.

Bass soloist in 2 Bach-kantatas (BMV 36 and 61) with "Bærum Bach Choir" in Høvik church.  Conductor: Thröstur Eiriksson.
Kaifas in  Jesus Christ Superstar by A. L. Webber. Director: Ivar Tindberg.

Bass- soloist in Händel’s Messias in Kongsberg church conducted by Reidar Hauge in December.
Soloist in Schuberts G-mass in "Gamle Aker" church.

Jesus in a performance of  Schütz’s  Johannes-passion in the Oslo Cathedral.
Bass-soloist in 4 performances of Mozart’s Requiem in Follo in Akershus. Conductor: Christian Killengren